Cleopatra 2525: 1x9


Hel, Sarge and Cleo are on a search and rescue mission to aid the researchers of a hidden resistance facility that has been ambushed. As they go to help the scientists, Hel sees an image of her dead father standing on a landing, just before an explosion blows the wall apart. When the smoke clears, a hidden level of the facility is revealed and the trio hurries to help the trapped researchers. Seeing her father again, Hel follows him into an abandoned laboratory, where she tries to touch him and his body ripples as he morphs into a jelly like holding mechanism crackling with energy. The incapacitated Hel is horrified to find Creegan has captured her, using the holographic image of her father. The villain interfaces with the implant, that carries Hel’s instructions from the Voice, and his henchmen begin to trace the signal. Rather than allow Creegan to find the Voice’s location, Hel begins a self-destruct sequence in her voice-receptor. Using a grappling device, Hel brings Creegan within

Apr. 10, 2000

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