Cleopatra 2525: 1x13

Hel and Highwater (1)

Voice sends Hel, Sarge and Cleo on a mission to locate the source of a distress call far beneath the ocean’s surface. They depart in a mining mole (which Mauser converted into a mini-sub) and dive below, where they face an attack from some sort of shockwave device, high pressure and finally a tractor beam like water current. Their craft soon arrives in an underwater city, whose human inhabitants are the ancestors of a group of ancient environmentalists. Their leader, Schrager and his brother Gragner, grudgingly welcome them, but it’s clear they are hiding something. Cleopatra begins hearing the voice of her mother asking for help, while Sarge sets out to find their confiscated gauntlets and get a message up to Mauser and Voice on the surface. Meanwhile, Hel talks to Gragner and he tells her that some of his people are ready to join forces with the surface dwellers, but others (like his brother) are strict isolationists. Hel returns to their quarters to find Cleo missing, and Hel and th

May. 08, 2000

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