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Cleopatra 2525: 1x4

Mind Games

In a mental facility, a powerful telepathic woman, Raina, frees herself by mind controlling her doctor. Meanwhile Sarge, Hel and Cleo have come to a bar in the lower levels: Voice has told Hel to go there, but is now mysteriously silent, so the trio do their best to have an evening of fun until they can figure out their mission. Raina enters the club and reads Hel’s mind, learning that she is worried about what’s happening to Voice. She approaches Hel and talks to her about Voice, but when Cleo comes over, Raina disappears. Raina next takes control of Sarge’s mind and convinces her that Hel is a Betrayer robot. Hel sees a holographic television show that warns viewers about Raina, but she’s too late; Sarge attacks her, shooting up the bar. Cleo escapes and goes to find Mauser so that he can build a mind inhibitor to control Raina, but the psychic follows her. Hel is finally able to convince Sarge that she isn’t a Betrayer and they go to Mauser’s lab to confront Raina. In the battle tha

Feb. 07, 2000

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