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Cleopatra 2525: 1x7

Run Cleo Run

Sarge is on an undercover mission at a mutant bar, pretending to be a stripper while she gets close to the grotesquely obese Sluggo. Inside the chest of the fat mutant is a pod containing the only known map of the entire underground system. Sarge charms her way near enough to attack Sluggo’s bodyguards, then reaches into his chest and retrieves the pod. She runs, but a collar around her neck will detonate within ten minutes. In the levels above, Voice tells Hel to send Cleo down below to rescue Sarge, against Cleo’s wishes. Mauser helps prepare Cleo by linking the computer to her brain and her weapons gauntlets. Cleo runs through various scenarios in her mind, each of which ends with Sarge’s death. Finally, she must leave on the rescue mission, but now she is prepared for each obstacle. Hel follows and although Cleo rescues Sarge, they both need a hand from Hel to finish the mission. And once again, teamwork has won the day.

Feb. 28, 2000

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