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Cleopatra 2525: 1x3

Flying Lessons

Hel and Sarge are teaching Cleopatra how to fly through the underground shafts when they chance upon a group of Mordecis who are abducting a human girl from the arms of her father. Although the initially refuse to help, Cleopatra appeals to them to be heroes and help rescue the girl. The trio goes to the lower level where the Mordecis go to sell specimens to mutant experimental labs, or to keep them as sexual slaves. The women enter a trader bar where they soon learn that the girl is the slave of a piggish, multiply pierced cretin named Ek. Because they need a diversion, Cleo does an erotic pole dance strip tease, earning Ek’s lust. Hel challenges Ek to a game, with Cleo as her bet. They trade slaves back and forth, until Ek gets the bartender to slip an inhibitor into Hel’s drink and she loses everything. Hel makes one final bet as herself as the prize and manages to defeat Ek. He’s not a good loser though and the mutants attack the women and the freed slaves. But of course, even with

Jan. 31, 2000

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