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Cleopatra 2525: 1x1

Quest for Firepower

Three scantly clad humans emerge from an underground shaft onto the Earth’s surface: tough talking Sarge; bald headed male Horst; and Hel a black woman who hears the female Voice through an implant in her jaw. They attract the attention of a heavily armored flying creature called a Bailey, because they want to test out their new high tech weapons, including rocket-firing gauntlets. In the following battle, they capture an arm from the bailey, but they also discover that Horst is a Betrayer robot, sent to infiltrate them and kill them. Exchanging blaster fire with him, the two women jump down a long shaft and use their web launchers to get to safety. Hel takes an injured Sarge to an underground surgeon to get a new kidney from the doctor’s supply of cryogenically frozen humans from the 21st century. In the process, one of those patients is awakened. She’s Cleopatra, who went in for breast-augmentation surgery in 2001 and ended up in a cryo-tube. Cleopatra learns that the year is 2525; w

Jan. 17, 2000

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