Cleopatra 2525: 1x10

Trial and Error

Two Betrayer droids storm the underground facility on a mission to capture the telepathic villainess Raina. Too bad for them that Hel, Sarge and Cleo are there to stop them, but it’s Raina (momentarily freed from a mental inhibitor) who forces the Betrayers to kill each other. Voice sends Raina to the surface with Sarge and Hel to see if she can mind-control a Bailey, while Cleo stays below ground with one finger on a destruct switch that will kill Raina if she attempts to harm her two companions. Raina succeeds in controlling one Bailey, although she jeopardizes Sarge’s life while doing so. Cleo gets even more suspicious as Hel, Sarge and even Mauser begin acting strangely, even as Raina communes with (and eventually joins with) a Bailey leader. Although bound by Mauser, Ceo finally manages to trigger the destruct mechanism, releasing toxins into Raina’s system. Before the Bailey/Raina hybrid can kill Hel and Sarge, it careers into the ocean and sinks into the depths. Afterwards, Hel

Apr. 17, 2000

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