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Cleopatra 2525: 1x6

Rescue (2)

As the Bailey takes Cleo and Lily away, Sarge and Hel try to figure out how to track them. They send a miniature satellite probe into the air to get coordinates for the Betrayer robot factory, but it attracts the attention of a Bailey. The two women are forced into a deadly game of hide and seek, until Voice launches a second probe, which draws the Baileys’ attention. They infiltrate the Betrayer factory, in which Cleo and Lily have been strapped down. Human drones take vials of blood from Cleo and Lily, injecting it into vague humanoid forms gestating in nearby chambers. The forms suddenly morph into replicas of the two women and fibers cover the real women’s heads, draining their life energy. Thankfully, Hel and Sarge attack, firing at the drones and doppelgangers, creating mass havoc in the Betrayer factory. They set the real Cleo and Lily free and set a grenade to detonate shortly. The four women battle their way into the tunnels blasting Betrayers. Voice tells them to shoot the fl

Feb. 21, 2000

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