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Cleopatra 2525: 1x2


Hel, Sarge and Cleopatra are in the lab with Mauser when Creegan, a Joker type villain, and his mutant minions ambush them. Blasting the robots scientists to pieces, Creegan’s gang makes off with Mauser’s body parts before the trio can stop them and before Voice can purge him off all top-secret information. As they try to track down Creegan, Hel reveals to Cleopatra that the clown-faced killer was responsible for the death of her own family. When they get close to the lab, Creegan cuts in on Voice’s transmission, sending a paralyzing noise into Hel’s head. Sarge fights off the mutants while Cleopatra helps cut the receptor out from behind Hel’s ear. The trio blast their way into Creegan’s headquarters and manage to disconnect Mauser from the villain’s computers, thus erasing the data that had been downloading from Mauser’s files. Hel goes after Creegan, but he escapes, leaving her without revenge. Later, Mauser is reassembled and Hel’s link to Voice is restored.

Jan. 24, 2000

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