Nemoguca ljubav (Hercai): 1x5

Episode 5

The Aslanbey family is shocked when Miran brings Reyyan to his mansion. When does Reyyan, who has been having a hard time at the mansion, will reach happiness? What will be the reaction of Azize Aslanbey in the face of this incident all Midyat heard of? Gönül, who living with Miran’s dream, will be able to handle this much? Zehra Sadoglu, who wants to save her only daughter from the hands of Miran, prints the house of Aslanbey. Yaren blames Reyyan for everything she lost. How will Yaren lead threats against Miran Aslanbey? Who is the target of Yaren who doesn’t want …

Hercai: 1×5
Apr. 12, 2019

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