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Duy Beni: 1x4

Impossible Love

Kanat suddenly kissing Ekim and what happens after it raises a lot of questions. The person who will save Ekim from the forest will also be a surprising person. When Melisa questions Kanat about the night, Ekim reveals all the facts as they are. This time it’s Melisa’s turn to go crazy with anger. Is it a game or a part of the truth, as Kanat explained? On the other hand, this time the victim of school bullying is Emine. However, this time, there is a strong person against the bullies, Teacher Selim! Together with Bahar, they pursue a petition they found at school. With this petition, the veil of secrets is lifted. While all this is happening, the surprise visitor who visits Leyla causes her to take the first steps to return her to school. Ekim has mixed feelings. Still, she does not deviate from her purpose. She decides to play a game that will unmask everyone. But with something unexpected, she is beaten at her own game. Moreover, in this game, Leyla stands right in front of her.

Duy Beni: Sezona 1 Epizoda 4
Jul. 28, 2022

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